Professor Brovida welcomes you to ALIVE 2022 - Leishmaniosis Event

Professor Brovida welcomes you to ALIVE 2022

Professor Brovida, founder of the ANUBI® Ospedale per Animali da Compagnia in Moncalieri, welcomes you to the ALIVE 2022 event.

Hello, good morning, I'm pleased to introduce myself.
My name is Claudio Brovida from Italy

I will be part of the Scientific Program of the ALIVE meeting that will be held in Málaga the next 31st of March to April 2nd, 2022 with a talk on kidney disease management in case of leishmaniosis, that will be given in the morning of April 2nd.

As you know, leishmaniosis is a complex infectious disease that can involve any organ of the body. In particular, visceral leishmaniosis can affect the kidneys with a quite variable clinical development. Leishmaniosis can be the cause of the kidney disease itself or be a complication in a patient that already suffers for CKD. In this scenario we can have any aspect of the evolution of renal disease; AKI – Acute Kidney Injury, Chronic Kidney Disease or Acute Complication of Chronic Kidney Disease. For this reason, besides a standard accepted protocol to treat the infectious disease, we need to approach the patient with the most appropriate therapy to preserve the kidney from the increasing damage of nephrons in order to complete the prescribed treatment. Moreover, this aspect may be often a challenge for the nephrologists and the newest approaches considering the use of extracorporeal therapies to support the patients in the most critical phase of the disease and of the treatment.

During my presentation all these aspects will be described, presenting specific clinical cases that will cover all the situations I have mentioned.

I look forward to meeting you in Málaga at the ALIVE congress during the next Spring in 2022.
Goodbye and arrivederci!

Epidemiology of canine and human leishmaniosis in Europe

Epidemiology of canine and human leishmaniosis in Europe

We are very proud to announce that Eduardo Berriatúa, Professor of Animal Health at the University of Murcia (UMU) in Spain since 2011 and a member of the European Veterinary Parasitology Group, is going to be talking about the Epidemiology of canine and human leishmaniosis in Europe

This important paper will build upon his recent work on Leishmaniases in the European Union and Neighboring Countries, where a questionnaire was sent to the animal and human authorities about Leishmaniases.

His paper links directly with the work on the One Health approach of expanding interdisciplinary collaborations and communications in all aspects of health care for humans, animals and the environment.

In the same research stream of the ALIVE event, Orin Courtney, Reader (Associate Professor), Zeeman Institute & School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick, UK, will be specifically addressing the One Health approach with his paper on the Advances in the One Health control of leishmaniosis.

Keywords: Leishmania, leishmaniosis, leishmaniases, neglected diseases, parasites, zoonoses, emergence, surveillance, prevention, sand flies, vector-borne infections, Europe, One Health

Tabacalera District - ALIVE in Málaga

A Sunday in Málaga. Part 4

We have arrived to the end of our series, with this part 4 visiting The Tabacalera District, within the “Discover Málaga“ program. Enjoy the most authentic Malaga!

The Tabacalera District

To finish this “off the beaten track” adventure throughout Málaga, part 4 visits the Tabacalera District named after the old refurbished tobacco factory housing an important Russian art collection.

The St. Petersburg Museum Collection @ La Tabacalera. Over 100 pieces of art are part of this collection that exhibits amongst others, works from Kandinsky, Chagall, Tatlin and Repin.
You can plan your visit here

Los Guindos Smokestack. A brick smokestack characteristic to Malaga’s skyline, restored in 2008 and over 100 metres tall.

La Térmica. A contemporary culture centre that relies on contact with the public and the search for talent and good ideas. A very busy program that you can check out here.

This route will allow you to discover the newest 21st-century industry, with smart urban furniture; solar roof gardens, wind-powered street lamps…whilst enjoying some fried fish by the municipal market.

Are you ready for more? Here are all the details…

A Sunday in Málaga. Part 3

If you are looking for some “seaside time”, here is part 3 of “Discover Málaga“. Enjoy the most authentic Malaga!

The Seaside Neighbourhoods

Our third route will take you to the seaside neighbourhoods of Palo and Pedregalejo, the charming and traditional “Malagueño” fishing areas.

The Pedregalejo-El Palo Promenade. It’s a great place for a stroll along the traditional restaurants offering some Mediterranean delicacies, such as skewered sardines and seafood.

The Palomas Watchtower. A lighthouse built in the XVI century which forms a part of a network of similar towers along the Med Coast.

Peñón del Cuervo Beach. An environmentally protected beach that gets its name from the shape of the rock emerging from the water. A great place for snorkling!

If you are still up for more tourism, there are several museums in the area that will allow you to discover the old boatbuilding, the jábegas and the Jurassic caves with their aquifer.

Want to find out more? Here are more details…

A Sunday in Málaga. Soho District

A Sunday in Málaga. Part 2

We continue our series with delights for art lovers. Here is part 2 of “Discover Málaga“. Enjoy the most authentic Malaga!

Soho, the arts district

If you are an art lover, you will enjoy this route around the city visiting public spaces and private galleries, whilst discovering the graffiti from international artists and many other unknown artisans.

The Soho Theather.  Antonio Bandera’s aim to bring culture to Málaga is now an established initiative. In two weeks, the musical “Company” opens sharing a bit of Broadway with the city. Click here for the full programme that the theatre offers.

MAUS (Málaga Arte Urbano Soho). A unique experience where streets become the canvas of many renowned international artists such as Bohamistura, Roa, D’Face, Obey, Dadi Dreucol, Manuel León, Faith47, Dal East, Pejac, Felipe Pantone amongst others. The aim of the project was the revitalisation of the previously neglected district. Here is the route to enjoy them all!

CAC Málaga (Contemporary Art Centre). It hosts an impressive collection of modern art as well as interesting temporary exhibitions. Find whats going on during your visit to Málaga here.

But there are even more fun things you can enjoy in this neighbourhood. Visit one of the small restaurants with wonderful atmosphere (wonderful for brunch) or have an artisan beer. Explore the area in search of street fashion stores, independent brands and comic book stores.

Are you ready for a stroll? Find out more.

Dr. Luis Cardoso invites you to LeishVet ALIVE 2022

Dr. Luis Cardoso invites you to LeishVet ALIVE 2022

Dr. Luis Cardoso, from the Department of Veterinary Sciences, School of Agrarian and Veterinary Sciences at the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD), Portugal, invites you to LeishVet ALIVE 2022.

ALIVE's Scientific Committee will evaluate all the research projects and/or clinical cases presented and will award two prizes: one to the best oral communication and the other to the best poster.

Hello everyone, my name is Luis Cardoso and I am a member of LeishVet. As you know we are organizing ALIVE in Málaga, Spain to happen in late March early April 2022.

There are several topics for abstract submission including genomics, immunology, epidemiology, clinical and diagnostic treatment, prevention and also One Health framework.

Your participation can be in person or online and you may still submit your abstract until the 14th of November this year.

We hope to see you all in Málaga next year!

Goodbye and thank you

Dr. Petersen describes her vision for the ALIVE 2022 event

Dr. Petersen describes her vision for the ALIVE 2022 event

Dr. Petersen, who is director of the Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases and Associate Professor at University of Iowa, College of Public Health, describes her vision for the ALIVE 2022 event.

Hello everybody, I'm Dr Christy Petersen

I am one of the LeishVet members that’s so happy to invite you to join us in Málaga, Spain for ALIVE in 2022.

We’re excited to have you come and bring to us and have us all enjoy together cutting edge research regarding animal leishmaniosis.

Specifically, we’re looking forward to applications and abstracts that present interventions to protect both animal and human health, to understand leishmaniosis immunology and immune responses, their progression and how this might relate to ways that we can find amelioration of this disease and, lastly, to learn more about novel control and prevention methods. We’re eager to hear more about your research.

See you all in Málaga!

A Sunday in Málaga. Malagueta

A Sunday in Málaga. Part 1

After an inspiring and informative weekend conferencing, we feel you might want to enjoy the pleasures that Málaga has to offer. Just remember that the weather at that time of the year will be ideal, with sunshine, possibly a gentle breeze and temperatures of around 18 to 20 degrees Celsius.

With this in mind, we start this collection of blogs with the first alternative route to discover the city, part of the project “Discover Málaga“. Enjoy the most authentic Malaga!

Malagueta, looking at the Mediterranean

This first route starts with a visit to the port and the beautiful summer houses built on the seafront by Malaga’s high society in late 19th and 20th century. An area with first-class shops, high quality restaurants and some important landmarks. The route has ten stops, and here are some of the highlights:

The Pompidou Centre. In it’s unique location, in the new port, the cube of coloured crystal has become an icon of the city. If you are an art lover, you will enjoy discovering the least-known collections of the Pompidou museum.

La Farola. A lighthouse still in use from its start in 1816, emblematic and part of the skyline.

Avenida Pries and Paseo de Reding. Enjoy this majestic neighbourhood, going for a stroll in the tree-lined boulevards and discover the beautiful architecture of the city.

And if by then you are starting to feel hungry, walk towards the Palmeral de las Sorpresas, the commercial dock that brings the city to the sea and is always buzzing with atmosphere. There you will be able to taste the delicious typical cuisine that Málaga has to offer.

Are you ready for this first route? Here are all the details, along with a map.

Submit your Abstract Until November 14th

Last Extension: Send your Abstract before November 14th

Your Last Chance

The ALIVE CONGRESS 2022 invites veterinarians and researchers to submit abstracts with clinical or research content related to animal leishmaniosis. Only unpublished work will be accepted.

Read GuidelinesSubmission Form

Key Dates

  • 21st June 2021 | Abstract Submission Opens
  • 1st October 2021 Final Extension: 14th November 2021, 23h59 CET | Abstract Submission Deadline
  • From 5th December 2021 | Abstract Notification

Once an abstract has been accepted, the presenting author must register for the ALIVE Congress before the 31st December 2021. Anyone whose abstract has been accepted and has not registered by the above-mentioned date will lose the option to present their work in any format whatsoever.

Doctor Guadalupe Miró talks about ALIVE 2022, the Animal Leishmaniosis Conference

Doctor Guadalupe Miró talks about ALIVE 2022, the Animal Leishmaniosis Conference

Doctor Guadalupe Miró, LeishVet Founding Member and President of ALIVE 2022, answers some relevant questions about the conference.

Let us start from the beginning, when and where will the LeishVet Congress ALIVE 2022 (Animal Leishmaniosis International Veterinary Event) take place?

ALIVE will be held in Málaga from the 31st of March to the 2nd of April, 2022. The format will be a hybrid congress allowing both presential and online attendance, according to each participant’s personal situation and the Covid regulations at the time in each country.

Why was it necessary to organise a specific congress on leishmaniosis?

The LeishVet group (a non-profit scientific association founded in 2008 by veterinarians from academic institutions of different countries focusing their research and clinical activity on leishmaniosis in veterinary medicine) identified the need for this congress some time ago in the world congress on human leishmaniosis. We have actively participated in this congress, which takes place every 4 years, organising a specific symposium about canine and feline leishmaniosis. Furthermore, we have realised that we needed to expand this activity and its content and plan our own congress. It’s been a tough journey at times… but we are about to make it happen!!

ALIVE is meant to be an encounter to share the latest progress in investigation amongst all professionals working in One Health, but what new content will the participants have access to?

The congress format incorporates 2 streams, independent but complementary. The first stream will present advances in research on the infection by Leishmania spp in animals, reservoirs and vectors and their impact on public health. The second stream will develop the improvements in the clinical management of leishmaniosis in pets. The participants will be able to choose, according to their interest, to attend the different programs or combine both.

The renowned professor Jeffrey Shaw will be in charge of the opening session - who are the other key speakers in the congress?

We are honoured to have recognised specialists both Spanish and international: Prof. José Cerón (Universidad de Murcia, Spain), Prof. Laura Ordeix (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain), Prof. Katrin Hartmann (Ludwig Maximilians Universität München, Germany) and Prof. Orin Courtenay (University of Warwick, UK) amongst others.

I would also like to remind everyone that the final date to send their abstracts for the congress is the 17th of October and that we have the opportunity of signing up with Early Bird Fees, accessible to all. We are also offering the option of registering for just one of the days, to accommodate the needs of clinical veterinarians that cannot attend the whole event.
We look forward to seeing you in Málaga!


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