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This is a wonderful opportunity to talk about your day to day experience with Animal Leishmaniosis. Whether you are a researcher or you would like to share the clinical management of Leishmaniosis in both dogs and cats, come and have some breakfast with Leishveters and Speakers and share your real life situations. Take advantage of their knowledge and meet the world renowned Leishmania experts.

These breakfasts will be organized at the ALIVE CONGRESS 2022 on both Friday April 1st and Saturday April 2nd, for young scientists and clinicians to meet with the Key Note Speakers and the founders of LeishVet.

If you are registered for presential attendance and are interested in joining us, please fill in the form and we will try our best to give you this opportunity.

Maria Grazia Pennisi welcomes you to ALIVE 2022 - Leishmaniosis Event

Maria Grazia Pennisi welcomes you to ALIVE 2022

Maria Grazia Pennisi is a LeishVet Founding Member and a Professor at the Università degli Studi di Messina

Hi, my name is Maria Grazia Pennisi

I am from the University of Messina in Italy and I am very happy to invite you to Málaga where at the end of March we will celebrate the first ALIVE meeting organized by LeishVet.

In this meeting we will talk about so many topics, different topics, and you will find what is your hot topic. For instance, if you are involved in feline medicine, if you come, you will be able to discuss with me or other people your feline cases and listen to me and other people about what happens when Leishmania infects cats.

Please, come to Málaga and we will discuss together what feline leishmaniosis is nowadays.

Bye bye

Gaetano Oliva welcomes you to ALIVE 2022 - Leishmaniosis Event

Gaetano Oliva welcomes you to ALIVE 2022

Gaetano Oliva is a LeishVet Founding Member and a Professor at the University of Naples Federico II

Dear colleagues, good evening

Do you want to know more about canine leishmaniosis? Please come to Málaga!

Why Málaga? Because Málaga is a wonderful city, the food and wine are excellent and we have flamenco, but obviously because our next 31st March to 2nd April, we will celebrate the ALIVE Congress for Animal Leishmaniosis.

Please come to Málaga.

We need you, ciao!

Patrick Bourdeau welcomes you to ALIVE 2022 - Leishmaniosis Event

Patrick Bourdeau welcomes you to ALIVE 2022

Patrick Bourdeau is a LeishVet Founding Member

Hi, I am Patrick Bourdeau, one of the founding members of LeishVet

an international group of veterinary academics that have dedicated a part of their activity to Leishmania and animal leishmaniasis in Veterinary Sciences. You can visit the website, where you will find information and guidelines on canine and feline leishmaniosis.

Animal leishmaniosis has greatly evolved over the past few years and it is constantly evolving. So we are organizing for you, here in Málaga, from the 31st of March to the 2nd of April, the first International Congress on Animal Leishmaniasis, ALIVE.

We are in an excellent convention center and in an excellent environment, as you can see. So, if you are a veterinary practitioner in an endemic area or non-endemic area, if you want to hear international lecturers, ask questions, exchange your experience directly with experts, if you are a PhD student, a researcher on Leishmania, if you are a vet student, a vet resident in parasitology, as we know this is an important parasitosis, in dermatology as you know leishmaniosis is a challenging disease for dermatologists or clinical pathologists or other veterinary scientists… this congress is made for you.

Come and join us in Málaga, 31st of March to the 2nd of April 2022

Laura Ordeix welcomes you to ALIVE 2022 - Leishmaniosis Event

Laura Ordeix welcomes you to ALIVE 2022

Laura Ordeix is a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and diplomated by the European College of Veterinary Dermatology.

Hello, I’m Laura Ordeix from Barcelona

I am the Head of the Dermatology Service as well as an Associate Professor of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

I am very pleased and honoured to participate at the ALIVE meeting in Spring 2022 in the beautiful Málaga, Spain.
I will share with you there, all my knowledge and experience about cutaneous leishmaniasis in dogs and the importance of my talk will be that sometimes, and in particular in an endemic area of leishmaniosis, to correlate the cutaneous problem with the Leishmania infection could be or it is very difficult. So, we are going to discuss some of these clinical scenarios, we are going to discuss as well the appropriate diagnostic protocol in order to definitely attribute a role of Leishmania infection or leishmaniosis on the dermatological signs of the patient in order to treat properly the disease on that patient.

I am happy and I am looking forward to seeing all of you there, in Málaga.
Have a nice day and keep safe!

Professor Berriatúa welcomes you to ALIVE 2022 - Leishmaniosis Event

Professor Berriatúa welcomes you to ALIVE 2022

Eduardo Berriatúa is a Professor of Animal Health at the University of Murcia (UMU) in Spain since 2011 and a member of the European Veterinary Parasitology.

Dear listeners, my name is Eduardo Berriatúa, I'm a Professor at the University of Murcia

Murcia is a region in south east Spain where leishmaniosis by Leishmania infantum is an endemic disease. My interest lies in the epidemiology and control of leishmaniosis and in my talk in the ALIVE congress in Málaga, I will be discussing three different issues.

On the one hand, I will talk about the spacial distribution of leishmaniosis both on a regional and on a wider Mediterranean scale, I will then go on to discuss the issue of humans as reservoirs for Leishmania infantum infections and I will finish my talk discussing the mandatory notification status and availability of surveillance and control programs in the European Union. I hope that these issues are of interest to you.

I very much look forward to meeting you in Málaga - many thanks for your attention and goodbye!

Professor Brovida welcomes you to ALIVE 2022 - Leishmaniosis Event

Professor Brovida welcomes you to ALIVE 2022

Professor Brovida, founder of the ANUBI® Ospedale per Animali da Compagnia in Moncalieri, welcomes you to the ALIVE 2022 event.

Hello, good morning, I'm pleased to introduce myself.
My name is Claudio Brovida from Italy

I will be part of the Scientific Program of the ALIVE meeting that will be held in Málaga the next 31st of March to April 2nd, 2022 with a talk on kidney disease management in case of leishmaniosis, that will be given in the morning of April 2nd.

As you know, leishmaniosis is a complex infectious disease that can involve any organ of the body. In particular, visceral leishmaniosis can affect the kidneys with a quite variable clinical development. Leishmaniosis can be the cause of the kidney disease itself or be a complication in a patient that already suffers for CKD. In this scenario we can have any aspect of the evolution of renal disease; AKI – Acute Kidney Injury, Chronic Kidney Disease or Acute Complication of Chronic Kidney Disease. For this reason, besides a standard accepted protocol to treat the infectious disease, we need to approach the patient with the most appropriate therapy to preserve the kidney from the increasing damage of nephrons in order to complete the prescribed treatment. Moreover, this aspect may be often a challenge for the nephrologists and the newest approaches considering the use of extracorporeal therapies to support the patients in the most critical phase of the disease and of the treatment.

During my presentation all these aspects will be described, presenting specific clinical cases that will cover all the situations I have mentioned.

I look forward to meeting you in Málaga at the ALIVE congress during the next Spring in 2022.
Goodbye and arrivederci!

Epidemiology of canine and human leishmaniosis in Europe

Epidemiology of canine and human leishmaniosis in Europe

We are very proud to announce that Eduardo Berriatúa, Professor of Animal Health at the University of Murcia (UMU) in Spain since 2011 and a member of the European Veterinary Parasitology Group, is going to be talking about the Epidemiology of canine and human leishmaniosis in Europe

This important paper will build upon his recent work on Leishmaniases in the European Union and Neighboring Countries, where a questionnaire was sent to the animal and human authorities about Leishmaniases.

His paper links directly with the work on the One Health approach of expanding interdisciplinary collaborations and communications in all aspects of health care for humans, animals and the environment.

In the same research stream of the ALIVE event, Orin Courtney, Reader (Associate Professor), Zeeman Institute & School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick, UK, will be specifically addressing the One Health approach with his paper on the Advances in the One Health control of leishmaniosis.

Keywords: Leishmania, leishmaniosis, leishmaniases, neglected diseases, parasites, zoonoses, emergence, surveillance, prevention, sand flies, vector-borne infections, Europe, One Health

Tabacalera District - ALIVE in Málaga

A Sunday in Málaga. Part 4

We have arrived to the end of our series, with this part 4 visiting The Tabacalera District, within the “Discover Málaga“ program. Enjoy the most authentic Malaga!

The Tabacalera District

To finish this “off the beaten track” adventure throughout Málaga, part 4 visits the Tabacalera District named after the old refurbished tobacco factory housing an important Russian art collection.

The St. Petersburg Museum Collection @ La Tabacalera. Over 100 pieces of art are part of this collection that exhibits amongst others, works from Kandinsky, Chagall, Tatlin and Repin.
You can plan your visit here

Los Guindos Smokestack. A brick smokestack characteristic to Malaga’s skyline, restored in 2008 and over 100 metres tall.

La Térmica. A contemporary culture centre that relies on contact with the public and the search for talent and good ideas. A very busy program that you can check out here.

This route will allow you to discover the newest 21st-century industry, with smart urban furniture; solar roof gardens, wind-powered street lamps…whilst enjoying some fried fish by the municipal market.

Are you ready for more? Here are all the details…

A Sunday in Málaga. Part 3

If you are looking for some “seaside time”, here is part 3 of “Discover Málaga“. Enjoy the most authentic Malaga!

The Seaside Neighbourhoods

Our third route will take you to the seaside neighbourhoods of Palo and Pedregalejo, the charming and traditional “Malagueño” fishing areas.

The Pedregalejo-El Palo Promenade. It’s a great place for a stroll along the traditional restaurants offering some Mediterranean delicacies, such as skewered sardines and seafood.

The Palomas Watchtower. A lighthouse built in the XVI century which forms a part of a network of similar towers along the Med Coast.

Peñón del Cuervo Beach. An environmentally protected beach that gets its name from the shape of the rock emerging from the water. A great place for snorkling!

If you are still up for more tourism, there are several museums in the area that will allow you to discover the old boatbuilding, the jábegas and the Jurassic caves with their aquifer.

Want to find out more? Here are more details…