In the heart of Nice, from April 18th to 20th, 2024, the LeishVet ALIVE 2 conference promises to be an enlightening coming together for veterinarians and researchers keen on the latest advancements in animal Leishmaniosis. A pivotal highlight of this event is the inclusion of Dr. Chiara Noli, a revered clinician with a pragmatic approach to veterinary dermatology. Her upcoming paper, “Expect the unexpected: usual and unusual skin lesions in canine leishmaniosis”, epitomizes the conference’s clinical stream’s practical essence.

A Pillar in Veterinary Dermatology

Dr. Noli’s academic journey and professional milestones underscore her profound influence in veterinary dermatology. Graduating from the University of Milan and specializing at the University of Utrecht, her career spans decades of dedicated research and clinical practice. Dr. Noli’s approach is deeply rooted in practicality, aiming to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and clinical application.

Her contributions to veterinary science are remarkable, with over 100 peer-reviewed publications, numerous book chapters, and textbooks to her name. Dr. Noli’s work, including her recent paper which offers insights into dermatological manifestations of leishmaniosis in dogs, highlights her commitment to advancing veterinary care.

Dr. Noli’s expertise isn’t confined to her practice. With a rich history of lectures across the globe and a significant presence in dermatological research, her work has garnered over 2,000 citations, reflecting the scientific community’s recognition and the practical impact of her research.

Her focus extends beyond canine leishmaniosis to encompass feline allergy and dermatology, food hypersensitivity, and the assessment of quality of life in affected animals. This breadth of knowledge positions Dr. Noli as a versatile expert capable of addressing the multifaceted challenges of veterinary dermatology.

Why Attend Her Session?

Dr. Noli’s session at LeishVet ALIVE 2 2024 is an unparalleled opportunity for professionals to gain insights from her extensive experience. Attendees will explore the nuances of diagnosing and treating leishmaniosis, benefiting from Dr. Noli’s pragmatic and clinically-oriented guidance. Her ability to simplify complex concepts and present actionable strategies makes her session a must-attend for those looking to enhance their expertise in animal healthcare.


As LeishVet ALIVE 2 2024 approaches, the anticipation for Dr. Chiara Noli’s presentation builds. Her distinguished career and pragmatic approach to veterinary dermatology promise to enrich the conference’s clinical stream with invaluable insights.

We invite veterinarians and researchers passionate about advancing their understanding and treatment of animal Leishmaniosis to join us in Nice or online for this exceptional learning experience. Secure your place at the forefront of veterinary science by registering for the event.

Don’t miss the chance to witness Dr. Noli and other leading experts share their knowledge and advancements in combating Leishmaniosis. Join us at LeishVet ALIVE 2 2024 and be part of a community dedicated to making a difference in the lives of animals worldwide.