Patrick Bourdeau is a LeishVet Founding Member

Hi, I am Patrick Bourdeau, one of the founding members of LeishVet

an international group of veterinary academics that have dedicated a part of their activity to Leishmania and animal leishmaniasis in Veterinary Sciences. You can visit the website, where you will find information and guidelines on canine and feline leishmaniosis.

Animal leishmaniosis has greatly evolved over the past few years and it is constantly evolving. So we are organizing for you, here in Málaga, from the 31st of March to the 2nd of April, the first International Congress on Animal Leishmaniasis, ALIVE.

We are in an excellent convention center and in an excellent environment, as you can see. So, if you are a veterinary practitioner in an endemic area or non-endemic area, if you want to hear international lecturers, ask questions, exchange your experience directly with experts, if you are a PhD student, a researcher on Leishmania, if you are a vet student, a vet resident in parasitology, as we know this is an important parasitosis, in dermatology as you know leishmaniosis is a challenging disease for dermatologists or clinical pathologists or other veterinary scientists… this congress is made for you.

Come and join us in Málaga, 31st of March to the 2nd of April 2022