We invite all participants to send their questions in this unique opportunity

On both Friday, 1st April and Saturday, 2nd April, the ALIVE event will be hosting four Roundtable sessions where participants will be able to put their questions to both the Keynote Speakers and LeishVeters. The panels are, therefore, made up of some of the brightest minds in the world of animal leishmaniosis and they will share their expertise with the attendees by discussing questions that have been sent to them.

The four sessions are all between 17:00 and 18:00

  • Friday
    Epidemiology (Research stream room)
    Diagnosis and Decision Making (Clinical stream room)
  • Saturday
    Immunization and Immunomodulation (Research stream room)
    Therapy and Prevention (Clinical stream room)
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At its highest level, the goal is to share expert advice and/or relevant findings. Roundtable discussions are also great for having conversations about opposing viewpoints on the same topic. Participants and speakers alike will take away new perspectives and information from every discussion.

Roundtable discussions provide an opportunity for various kinds of interactions such as the discussion of concepts, approaches or clinical case studies. This 60-minute format is ideal for getting to know people who may be facing similar issues to you, exploring new ideas, and sharing practices.

Because we have a hybrid format it is essential that questions are organized prior to each of the sessions. As such we have published a form that allows you to send your questions to the chairperson responsible for each of the Roundtable sessions.

You can send your question in: English, Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese.