Professor Brovida, founder of the ANUBI® Ospedale per Animali da Compagnia in Moncalieri, welcomes you to the ALIVE 2022 event.

Hello, good morning, I'm pleased to introduce myself.My name is Claudio Brovida from Italy

I will be part of the Scientific Program of the ALIVE meeting that will be held in Málaga the next 31st of March to April 2nd, 2022 with a talk on kidney disease management in case of leishmaniosis, that will be given in the morning of April 2nd.

As you know, leishmaniosis is a complex infectious disease that can involve any organ of the body. In particular, visceral leishmaniosis can affect the kidneys with a quite variable clinical development. Leishmaniosis can be the cause of the kidney disease itself or be a complication in a patient that already suffers for CKD. In this scenario we can have any aspect of the evolution of renal disease; AKI – Acute Kidney Injury, Chronic Kidney Disease or Acute Complication of Chronic Kidney Disease. For this reason, besides a standard accepted protocol to treat the infectious disease, we need to approach the patient with the most appropriate therapy to preserve the kidney from the increasing damage of nephrons in order to complete the prescribed treatment. Moreover, this aspect may be often a challenge for the nephrologists and the newest approaches considering the use of extracorporeal therapies to support the patients in the most critical phase of the disease and of the treatment.

During my presentation all these aspects will be described, presenting specific clinical cases that will cover all the situations I have mentioned.

I look forward to meeting you in Málaga at the ALIVE congress during the next Spring in 2022.Goodbye and arrivederci!