Welcome to Alive 2024

Welcome to Alive 2, 2024

A presential and online event, bringing together the latest clinical practices and research material on animal leishmaniosis

A presential and online event, bringing together the latest clinical practices and research material on animal leishmaniosis

SAVE THE DATE | 18-20 April, 2024

If you want to keep up with the latest news about the event or participate in a more active way, please fill in your details below.

If you want to keep up with the latest news about the event or participate in a more active way, please fill in your details below.

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    We are looking forward to seeing you in Nice!

    Alive 2, 2024

    An International Congress on Animal Leishmaniosis
    SAVE THE DATE | 18-20 APRIL, 2024

    Organized by:

    LeishVet Sponsors:

    These are our goals:

    • To share novel research and discoveries on leishmaniosis and to provide a setting to exchange ideas from attendees worldwide.
    • To open a forum for individuals and organizations in both public and private sectors (One Health professionals: veterinarians, physicians, biologists, public health authorities).
    • To promote multi-disciplinary interactions from basic research to translational clinical or environmental settings.
    • To promote a place for deep discussions on solving the problems of animal leishmaniosis.
    • To foster international collaboration, industrial participation and training for One Health professionals.

    Two streams will be organized:

    • Clinical practice oriented stream
    • Research oriented stream

    ALIVE congress topics will include the following subjects from companion animals to wildlife:

    • Epidemiology: vectorial and non-vectorial transmission, Leishmania geographic distribution, infectiousness, etc.
    • Basic to clinical immunology.
    • Genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics of leishmaniosis, susceptibility and resistance to infection and disease.
    • Pathogenesis.
    • Clinical and diagnostic aspects.
    • Treatment, prognosis and monitoring: old and new treatments, drug resistance, drug development, immunotherapy, new monitoring and prognostic tests.
    • Preventative tools: targeting phlebotomine sand flies, host immune response (vaccines, immunomodulators), etc.

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    Organised by LeishVet

    Come and sharean inspiringscientific event

    Early BirdALIVE 2, Save the Date - Nice 18 to 20 April 2024
    Organized by:
    We are currently working on the new program for ALIVE 2, 18-20 April 2024, to bring to you the latest clinical practices and research material on animal leishmaniosis.
    Please feel free to contact us.
    Contact ALIVE 2



    Available soon

    We are currently working on the new program for ALIVE 2, Nice 18-20 April 2024, to bring to you the latest clinical practices and research material on animal leishmaniosis.

    If you would like to share with us any suggestions, we invite you to contact us.

    Contact ALIVE 2
    Early Bird

    Preliminary Scientific Program - ALIVE 2022

    Thursday, 31st March 2022


    Check-in and hand-out of bags



    Friday, 1st April 2022




    45 min




    15 min

    OPENING CEREMONY (Introduction and presentation of the Conference)


    45 min

    PLENARY SESSION (JEFFREY SHAW) - Understanding the amazing diversity of Leishmaniases


    30 min



    Acute phase proteins as biomarkers in canine leishmaniosis


    30 min



    30 min


    The LeiSHield consortium: An ecological genomics approach towards Leishmania biomarker discovery




    1 hour
    30 min



    1 hour



    30 min



    Leishmania infection in dogs – what is different in non-endemic countries


    30 min



    30 min


    Epidemiology of canine and human leishmaniosis in Europe: two sides of the same coin?


    1 hour



    1 hour







    Saturday, 2nd April 2022




    45 min




    30 min



    Kidney disease management in cases of leishmaniosis


    30 min



    30 min


    Advances in the One Health control of leishmaniosis


    30 min



    2 hours




    1 hour



    30 min



    That cutaneous problem is leishmaniosis: How can I correlate clinical signs to Leishmania infection?


    30 min



    30 min


    Pathogenesis of leishmaniosis through the lens of a vector sand fly


    1 hour



    1 hour







    Sunday, 3rd April 2022




    Download the Program in PDF

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    Terms & Conditions

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    El incumplimiento de cualquiera de las anteriores obligaciones por el Usuario podrá llevar aparejada la adopción por LEISHVET de las medidas oportunas amparadas en Derecho y en el ejercicio de sus derechos u obligaciones, pudiendo llegar a la eliminación o bloqueo de la cuenta del Usuario infractor, sin que medie posibilidad de indemnización alguna por los daños y perjuicios causados.

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    LEISHVET no será responsable de la veracidad, integridad o actualización de las informaciones publicadas en el Sitio Web provenientes de fuentes ajenas, así como tampoco de las contenidas en otras plataformas en las que se ubique un banner enlazando al Sitio Web. LEISHVET no asumirá responsabilidad alguna en cuanto a hipotéticos perjuicios que pudieran originarse por el uso de las citadas informaciones. En caso de que cualquier usuario del Sitio Web llevase a cabo alguna actuación susceptible de ser considerada como ilícita, ilegal, contraria a las leyes o que pudiese suponer la infracción o vulneración de derechos de terceros, lo hará bajo su entera responsabilidad, manteniendo
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    Suspensión del sitio web

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    Confidencialidad y protección de datos

    De conformidad con el REGLAMENTO (UE) 2016/ 679 DEL PARLAMENTO EUROPEO Y DEL CONSEJO de 27 de abril de 2016 relativo a la protección de las personas físicas en lo que respecta al tratamiento de datos personales y a la libre circulación de estos datos y por el que se deroga la Directiva 95/46/CE (Reglamento General de Protección de Datos), el tratamiento de los datos del usuario se realizará conforme a la política de Privacidad del Sitio Web.


    Los encabezamientos de las distintas cláusulas son sólo informativos, y no afectarán, calificarán o ampliarán la interpretación del presente Aviso Legal. Asimismo, LEISHVET podrá modificar los términos y condiciones aquí estipulados, total o parcialmente, publicando cualquier cambio en la misma forma en que aparece este Aviso Legal o a través de cualquier tipo de comunicación dirigida a los Usuarios.

    La vigencia temporal del presente Aviso Legal coincide, por tanto, con el tiempo de su exposición, hasta que sea modificado total o parcialmente, momento en el cual pasará a tener vigencia el Aviso Legal modificado.

    Los servicios puestos a disposición del Usuario podrán ser variados por LEISHVET sin necesidad de previo aviso. En el caso de que alguno de los servicios ofertados tenga condiciones particulares, éstas serán debidamente informadas al usuario y deberán ser aceptadas con anterioridad a su prestación.

    Asimismo, LEISHVET podrá dar por terminado, suspender o interrumpir, en cualquier momento y sin necesidad de preaviso, el acceso a los contenidos del Sitio Web, sin posibilidad por parte del Usuario de exigir indemnización alguna. Tras dicha extinción, seguirán vigentes las prohibiciones de uso de los contenidos expuestos anteriormente en el presente Aviso Legal.

    En el caso de que cualquier disposición del presente Aviso Legal fuese declarada nula o inaplicable, en su totalidad o en parte, por cualquier Juzgado, Tribunal u órgano administrativo competente, dicha nulidad o inaplicación no afectará a las restantes disposiciones del mismo.

    El no ejercicio o ejecución por parte de LEISHVET de cualquier derecho o disposición contenido en el presente Aviso Legal no constituirá una renuncia al mismo.

    Legislación aplicable y jurisdicción competente

    La normativa vigente determinará las leyes que deban regir y la jurisdicción que deba conocer de las relaciones entre LEISHVET y los usuarios del Sitio Web. No obstante, siempre que tal normativa prevea la posibilidad para las partes de someterse a un fuero determinado, para toda cuestión litigiosa derivada o relacionada con el Sitio Web, será de aplicación la legislación española vigente en el momento de los hechos. Asimismo, LEISHVET y los Usuarios, con renuncia expresa a cualquier otro fuero que pudiera corresponderles, se someten a los Juzgados y Tribunales de la ciudad de Madrid (España).

    Para presentar reclamaciones en el uso de nuestros servicios, puede dirigirse por correo electrónico a la dirección indicada en el apartado de Identificación, comprometiéndonos a buscar en todo momento una solución amistosa del conflicto.

    Dirección de contacto

    Para cualquier aclaración sobre las presentes condiciones generales o cualesquiera otros aspectos, tiene a su disposición la siguiente dirección:
    LeishVet: Facultad de Veterinaria, Av. Puerta de Hierro s/n, 28040 Madrid.
    e-mail: borjaotero@borjaotero.com

    Abstract Submission Form

    Submit your Abstract to ALIVE 2, 2024

    Please read the Call for Abstracts submission guidelines before completing this form. Complete all applicable fields.  Submit this form using no later than 2nd October 2023, 23h59 CET– Final Extension: 13th November 2023, 23h59 CET.  You will receive confirmation of receipt of your submission within 48 hours.


      1) Presenting author and correspondence information

      All correspondence will be sent to the attention of the presenting author at the email address listed below

      2) Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships

      2 a) Do you have relevant financial relationship(s) with commercial interest(s) occurring within the past 12 months related to the content of this abstract submission?


      If yes, complete this section. First, list the name(s) of the commercial interest (entities producing, marketing or reselling, or distributing health care goods or services consumed by, or used on, animals) from which you have received a financial benefit. For this purpose we consider the relevant financial relationships of your spouse or partner to be relevant and each should be listed below. Second, describe what you or your spouse/partner received (salary, honorarium, stock, etc). LEISHVET ALIVE DOES NOT want to know the amount received. Third, describe your role (consultant, speaker’s bureau, board member, stockholder, etc.).

      2b. In this lecture, do you talk about unlabeled use, or products/treatments that are not yet approved for use on animals?


      If Yes, please explain

      3) Co-Authors (if applicable)

      Do not duplicate the presenting author’s name. List co-authors in the order they should appear if published.

      Co-Authors Disclosure

      Co-Author 1

      Co-Author 2

      Co-Author 3

      Co-Author 4

      Co-Author 5

      Co-Author 6

      Co-Author 7

      Co-Author 8

      Co-Author 9

      Co-Author 10

      Co-Author 11

      Co-Author 12

      4) Presenter’s Primary Practice Setting

      Approval attestation from a Residency Training Director or Supervisor must accompany the submission for student, resident, or fellow submissions. Please select.

      6) Interest Topic

      Please select all areas of interest addressed by the abstract (see Guidelines for details)

      EpidemiologyImmunologyGenomicsClinical and diagnosticTreatmentPreventionOne Health framework

      6) Submission

      Please select they type of presentation you wish to give.
      Note that only .doc or .docx formats are accepted. The maximum file size is 10Mb.
      (See Guidelines for instructions on document content and types)


      Upload your file:

      If you believe there might be a conflict of interest, please state below:


      Contact Us

      Contact ALIVE 2, 2024

      We will be happy to answer any queries that you might have

        Early BirdFlorence Kahn-Ramos

        Florence Kahn-Ramos

        YES I KAHN (International Event Organizer)
        ALIVE Congress coordinator

        Early BirdJuliana Sarquis

        Juliana Sarquis

        PhD Student
        ALIVE Secretariat

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        Abstract Submission Guidelines

        Abstract Submission Guidelines

        Veterinarians and researchers are invited to submit abstracts with clinical or research content related to animal leishmaniosis

        The ALIVE 2 CONGRESS 2024 invites veterinarians and researchers to submit abstracts with clinical or research content related to animal leishmaniosis. Abstracts related to clinical practice or research, both prospective and retrospective, case series or clinical cases that present new or alternative information related to leishmaniosis in domestic or wild animals will be considered for evaluation. Only unpublished work will be accepted. Accepted abstracts can be presented either as an oral or poster presentation.

        After evaluation of the abstract, the scientific committee will inform if your work has been accepted or rejected. In addition, they will inform you wether it needs to be an oral or poster presentation. In all cases, the ALIVE Scientific Committee’s decision will be final. Changes may be required for acceptance.

        See below the topics of interest for abstract submission:

        • Epidemiology: vectorial and non-vectorial transmission, Leishmania geographic distribution, infectiousness, and reservoirs.
        • Vector biology and transmission.
        • Basic and clinical immunology.
        • Genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics.
        • Pathogenesis. Resistance to infection and disease.
        • Clinical and diagnostic aspects. Disease biomarkers. Coinfections.
        • Treatment, prognosis and monitoring: conventional and novel treatments, drug resistance, drug development, and immunotherapy.
        • Prevention strategies and policies.
        • One Health framework.

        Key Dates

        • 1st July 2023 | Abstract Submission Opens
        • 2nd October 2023 Final Extension: 13th November 2023, 23h59 CET | Abstract Submission Deadline
        • From 18th December 2023 | Abstract Notification

        Once an abstract has been accepted, the presenting author must register for the ALIVE Congress before the 10th January 2023. Anyone whose abstract has been accepted and has not registered by the above-mentioned date will lose the option to present their work in any format whatsoever.

        Submit your Abstract

        Guidelines for Submission

        Please read the submission guidelines carefully before submitting your abstract.
        With the final extension, all abstracts must be submitted by 2nd October 2023 13th November 2023, 23h59 CET
        The presenting author must be registered by 10th January 2024.

        • Only unpublished work will be accepted.
        • Abstracts must be submitted online via the website only.
        • Abstracts must be submitted and presented in clear English.
        • Presentation type: oral and poster presentations will be accepted.
        • Abstracts submitted by email will not be accepted.
        • Abstracts received after the deadline will not be considered.

        Abstract Submission

        You will need to fill in the abstract upload form, providing us with the following information:

        • Author’s full first and family name(s)
        • Email address
        • Affiliation details: department, institution/hospital, city, country
        • Phone number
        • Author and co-authors’ details
        • Identify any other copyright owners, including contact details
        • Presentation type: oral or poster
        • You will be able to upload your abstract in the format required

        The formatting of the abstract must follow the format of BioMed Central for further publication in an open access journal. Please, read these guidelines carefully before submitting your abstract.

        Abstracts must be submitted in a single, editable document (.doc, .docx). The type of presentation must be specified (oral or poster presentation).

        All abstracts should be in English. You may use US English or UK English, but not a mixture.

        Figures: Please make sure that figures are kept to a minimum. Figures must be included in the main text file where they are to appear and must be at least 300dpi. Figures should be numbered (e.g. Figure 1) with a short, descriptive title. This text must form part of the text file and not the figure file. Figures must be cited/called out in the text.

        Tables: Please make sure that tables are kept to a minimum. Tables should be numbered (e.g. Table 1) with a short, descriptive title. Tables should be included in the document where they are to appear. Tables must be cited/called out in the text.

        Formatting requirements
        Abstracts with missing data cannot proceed into production. Important information to be included:

        • A citation in the text for every figure/table.
        • All referenced or even mentioned figure/table files included.
        • Affiliations in the following format: Institutions, City, [State if US], Country.
        • High resolution images (300 dpi or higher).
        • Editable tables.
        • Consistent author naming convention.
        • Accurate export from submission system, i.e. no corrupted symbols or unfinished sentences.

        Consent to publish: If the abstract contains details relating to individual participants (for example a case report), written informed consent for the publication of these details must be obtained from the participants and a statement to this effect should appear at the end of the abstract.

        Trial registration: If the abstract reports the results of a controlled health care intervention, the trial registry, along with the unique identifying number (e.g. Trial registration: Current Controlled Trials ISRCTN37824458) should be listed at the end of the abstract.

        Should be in bold, sentence case with no full stop at the end and no underlining, e.g.:
        Prevalence of canine leishmaniosis in an urban area

        First name, middle initials if required, and surname with no full stop at the end. Underline the name of the corresponding/presenting author. A comma should separate author names. Where authors are from a number of different institutions, the appropriate institution number from the affiliation list should be given as a superscript number immediately after each author’s name, e.g.:
        John Smith1, Susan Jones1, Bill Fisher2

        An asterisk * should be used to link the corresponding author with their email address, if being included.

        Limited to 800 words (including authors, affiliations, text and references). Please use single line spacing.

        • Type the text unjustified, without hyphenating words at line breaks
        • Use hard returns only to end headings and paragraphs, not to rearrange lines
        • Use the BioMed Central reference format - download here
        • Greek and other special characters may be included. If you are unable to reproduce a particular special character, please type out the name of the symbol in full
        • SI units should be used throughout (litre and molar are permitted, however)
        • Web links (URLs) should be provided in full, including both the title of the site and the URL, in the following format:
          Mouse Tumour Biology Database [http://tumor.informatics.jax.org/cancer_links.html]
        • Abbreviations should be kept to a minimum and should be defined when first used

        Abstracts should include the following sections. Headings should be typed in bold with no colon at the end.

        Materials and methods

        For Case report abstracts:
        Case report

        The abstract must have 800 words maximum (including authors, affiliations, text, and references) (up to five is recommended).

        All references should be cited/called out consecutively in the text, using numbers in square brackets. Only papers that have been published, or are in press, or are available through public e-print/preprint servers should be included in the reference list.
        Journal abbreviations should follow MEDLINE standards.
        References should be laid out at the end of the abstract in Vancouver style and be preceded by the relevant reference number. Foreign/translated works are allowed in references, as long as they also follow Vancouver style.

        1. Lastname A, Lastname B, Lastname C. Title of journal article. Journal Medline abbreviation. Year; Volume:first page-last page.
        2. Lastname E. Title of book chapter. In: Lastname F, editors. Name of Book. Volume 2. 2nd edition. Place: Publisher; Year. p.first page-last page.

        Pereira, A., Cristóvão, J.M., Vilhena, H. et al. Antibody response to Phlebotomus perniciosus saliva in cats naturally exposed to phlebotomine sand flies is positively associated with Leishmania infection. Parasites Vectors. 2019; 12:1-9.

        Note: Once you have submitted your work, you will not be allowed to make any changes. Revise your work carefully before submission.

        Please note:

        • Do not include patient names, hospital ID numbers or other identifying information
        • Source(s) of funding must be stated
          • Authors should state ‘self-funded’ if appropriate
          • All other sources of funding should be named giving the full title of each funding body
        • Conflict(s) of interest must be stated
          • Authors should state ‘none declared’ if appropriate
          • All other potential conflicts of interest must be stated in full
          • It is the author's responsibility to consider where there may be conflicts of interest
        General advice on abstract format:
        • Drug names are based on the rINN system – e.g. please use cefalexin, meticillin, ciclosporin.
        • Where products are mentioned, include the manufacturer’s name and address e.g. ciclosporin (Atopica: Novartis Animal Health, Greensboro, NC, USA).
        • Drug doses, frequencies and routes of administration should be reported (e.g mg/kg; once or twice daily).
        • Laboratory data is reported in appropriate units (e.g. IU units).
        • Breed names are adjectives, not nouns, so it is Siamese cat, not "Siamese" or Labrador retriever, not Labrador.
        • Breed names are capitalised only if they are proper names, e.g. German shepherd dog not German Shepherd Dog.
        • Numbers up to 10 should be spelled out unless associated with time (days, weeks, months, etc.).
        • It is acceptable to summarise data as follows, to conserve text: 3/9 dogs.
        • Use the following abbreviations: h for hours, min for min, sec for seconds.

        Evaluation and Acceptance of the work

        Once the abstracts have been received, they will be evaluated by members of the ALIVE Scientific Committee. All presenting authors will receive a notification by email of whether their abstracts were accepted or rejected from 18th December 2023. Please ensure that the author’s email address is correct to receive the email notification promptly.

        Registration for the ALIVE Congress

        Once an abstract has been accepted its presenter must register for the ALIVE Congress before the 10th January 2024. Anyone whose abstract has been accepted and has not registered by the above-mentioned date will lose the option to present their work in any format whatsoever.

        Guidelines for oral presentation and posters will be sent to the author’s email after acceptance of the abstract and will be available on ALIVE’s webpage.

        Registration fees

        The authors of the abstracts will have a special inscription rate to register for the ALIVE Congress, only and if the abstract has been accepted.

        220 € | Special Early bird Registrations & payment: until 10th January 2024 for those presenting abstracts and all students and graduate students

        Please, contact us if you have not received a confirmation of your abstract submission.

        Guidelines for oral presentation and posters will be sent to the author’s email after acceptance of the abstract and will be available on ALIVE’s webpage.

        Contact information

        For any inquiries, please contact us at info@leishvet-alive.com

        Submit your Abstract