The final Lesihvet ALIVE program has now been published! 

The plenary session will be given by JEFFERY SHAW who will be talking on “Understanding the amazing diversity of Leishmaniases”. 

These are the 8 keynote addresses, divided between the research and clinical streams:

  • JOSE JOAQUÍN CERÓN: Acute phase proteins as biomarkers in canine leishmaniosis
  • GÉRALD SPAETH: The LeiSHield consortium: An ecological genomics approach towards Leishmania biomarker discovery
  • KATRIN HARTMANN: Leishmania infection in dogs – what is different in non-endemic countries
  • EDUARDO BERRIATÚA: Epidemiology of canine and human leishmaniosis in Europe: two sides of the same coin?
  • CLAUDIO BROVIDA: Kidney disease management in cases of leishmaniosis
  • ORIN COURTENAY: Advances in the One Health control of leishmaniasis
  • LAURA ORDEIX: That cutaneous problem is leishmaniosis: How can I correlate clinical signs to Leishmania infection?
  • SHADEN KAMHAWI: Pathogenesis of leishmaniosis through the lens of a vector sandfly

In addition, there will be round table discussions with the Keynote Speakers and the LeishVeters  on the following topics:

  • Epidemiology
  • Diagnosis and decision making
  • Immunization and immunomodulation
  • Prevention

The following topics will also be discussed in 37 oral presentations:

  • Genomics
  • Clinical and diagnostic
  • Treatment
  • Immunology
  • Epidemiology
  • Feline Epidemiology
  • Prevention

and over 25 poster presentations – the posters themselves will be available for view on both days of the event. 

LeisheVeters will bring their practical experience to the event through presentations of Clinical Cases.  There will also be an opportunity to discuss your clinical cases and research in two informal early morning get-togethers.

The event is packed with presentations and clinical cases that will allow you to further your knowledge about leishmaniosis. Our sponsors (Elanco, IDEXX, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, Leti Pharma, Virbac and MSD Animal Health) will all have a presence in the event if you want to catch up with their latest developments. There are also ample opportunities during coffee breaks, lunch and the ALIVE dinner and party to network and gather contacts to help you in the future. 

With over 24 hours of presentation time, the first Leishmaniosis conference for veterinarians provides a unique opportunity to interact both presentially and online to keep up to date on the latest developments regarding animal Leishmaniosis.

If you haven’t done so yet, now is the time to register.

We look forward to seeing you at ALIVE either Online or in Málaga!