Prof. Jeffrey Shaw will be opening the LeishVet ALIVE International Leishmaniosis conference.

Jeffrey Shaw, Speaker Alive 2022There is one name that stands out in the world of animal Leishmaniosis, Jeffrey Shaw OBE, FLS, FASTMH.  With more than 250 publications related to Leishmaniosis, Chagas disease and different aspects of other neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) he is the leading authority on animal Leishmaniosis.

Originally from England, he has worked on leishmaniasis in Brazil since 1965, initially in the Amazon region, where he was based at the Instituto Evandro Chagas, Belem, Brazil. In 1994 he left Belem to take up a tenured professorship in Sao Paulo University’s Parasitology Department located in its Biomedical Sciences Institute. 

When in Belem, in what became the Wellcome Parasitology Unit, he and his team were responsible for a multitude of discoveries about Leishmania and its various species. Over the years the work of his team revolutionised the study of leishmaniasis, and according to Shaw.

“This knowledge made fundamental changes in understanding the pathology, clinical immunology, treatment, vaccination, and control of what is not one disease but a mosaic of diseases.”

He retired in 2008 but continues there as a Senior Professor. He has been a member of three WHO Leishmaniasis Expert Committees, is a WHO expert advisor on Parasitic Diseases (Leishmaniasis) and an advisor to national and international research and funding agencies. 

Prof. Shaw is a fellow of the Brazilian Academy of Science, the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and founder and director of the International Leishmaniasis discussion group (Leish-L).

His keynote speech will be on Understanding the amazing diversity of Leishmaniases.

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