Dr. Petersen, who is director of the Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases and Associate Professor at University of Iowa, College of Public Health, describes her vision for the ALIVE 2022 event.

Hello everybody, I'm Dr Christy Petersen

I am one of the LeishVet members that’s so happy to invite you to join us in Málaga, Spain for ALIVE in 2022.

We’re excited to have you come and bring to us and have us all enjoy together cutting edge research regarding animal leishmaniosis.

Specifically, we’re looking forward to applications and abstracts that present interventions to protect both animal and human health, to understand leishmaniosis immunology and immune responses, their progression and how this might relate to ways that we can find amelioration of this disease and, lastly, to learn more about novel control and prevention methods. We’re eager to hear more about your research.

See you all in Málaga!