We have arrived to the end of our series, with this part 4 visiting The Tabacalera District, within the “Discover Málaga“ program. Enjoy the most authentic Malaga!

The Tabacalera District

To finish this “off the beaten track” adventure throughout Málaga, part 4 visits the Tabacalera District named after the old refurbished tobacco factory housing an important Russian art collection.

The St. Petersburg Museum Collection @ La Tabacalera. Over 100 pieces of art are part of this collection that exhibits amongst others, works from Kandinsky, Chagall, Tatlin and Repin.
You can plan your visit here

Los Guindos Smokestack. A brick smokestack characteristic to Malaga’s skyline, restored in 2008 and over 100 metres tall.

La Térmica. A contemporary culture centre that relies on contact with the public and the search for talent and good ideas. A very busy program that you can check out here.

This route will allow you to discover the newest 21st-century industry, with smart urban furniture; solar roof gardens, wind-powered street lamps…whilst enjoying some fried fish by the municipal market.

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